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Women, You Are Not Alone

It is quite funny to think that we live in this body not alone but along with thousands of bacteria co-inhabiting this human body. The thought is quite funny but true. There are bacteria inside as well as outside of your body and thriving. While the bacteria are present in the saliva as well as the stomach, it is also present underneath your nails as well as in the vaginal passage in women and in the male genitals too.

Bacteria are mainly of two types. The helpful bacteria like lactobacilli which are present in the human body help contain the harmful bacteria and fungus from growing. Besides the helpful bacteria, the body immunity system is also geared up to fight the infections caused by the fungus or bacteria.

Candida Yeast is one of the most common fungal infections also known as Yeast infection which occurs in human beings. Most often women tend to fall prey to the infection of vaginal passage. In fact it is believed that every woman at one point of time in her life does suffer from the yeast infection. This infection known as Candidiasis or Thrush is caused by Candida species of which the most common species is known to be Candida Albicans.

Women are often seen to be the victims of this yeast infection which causes a lot of discomfort and pain as well as burning sensation while urinating coupled with inflammation in the vaginal passage. In the beginning the symptoms observed are mainly the itching, soreness as well as irritation. After a full blown infection, one can see a whitish discharge from the vagina with curdled appearance. Often the infection is accompanies by fever.

The treatment is quite simple. The patient is administered with antifungal drugs mainly clotrimazole, topical nystatin or fluconazole and topical ketoconazole. In case of fever accompanying the infection, paracetamol would have to be taken in addition to the anti fungal tablets. The doctors would also advise plenty of rest and most importantly lots and lots of fluids. The fluids will help wash out the fungus from the body.

In case of women, there is no one reason that can be pinpointed as the cause of this yeast infection. There are several factors which affect the health of the body and the immunity.

Amongst the causes the most common causes can be attributed to sexual intercourse with affected partner, poor hygiene, lack or inadequate fluid intake followed by hormonal changes and reduced body immunity. Another major cause is to do with stress and emotional trauma that women go through also results in making the body susceptible to these infections.

Therefore women need to be very careful and pay attention to proper physical hygiene and care. There are many minute things that one needs to pay attention to including wearing inner garment made out of material that absorbs the sweat and keeps the area dry, for moisture and humidity tend to provide the right climate for the fungus to multiply and grow faster.

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