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Antibiotic Trecator-SC (ethionamide)

Trecator-SC is a type of medication that is used for treating tuberculosis (TB). There are many other uses of this medication which may not be listed in this medication guide. For the right treatment of tuberculosis, it should be had in the right time. The doses mustn’t be skipped. This drug should only be taken with a doctor’s prescription.

Trecator-SC (ethionamide) pills

Composition of Trecator-SC

The generic name of trecator-sc is ethionamide. The chemical name being 2-ethylthioisonicotinamide. It is a nonhydroscopic compound, yellow in colour. The inactive ingredients in the trecator tablets are:

Uses of Trecator-SC

This medication can be used along with other drugs for the treatment of tuberculosis (TB). The main purpose of this drug is to prevent the growth of bacteria.

Trecator-sc can only treat bacterial infections. It is incapable of treating viral infections (like common cold and flu). The unnecessary usage and misuse can gradually reduce the effectiveness of the drug. With a combination of other drugs, trecator can help in curing a type of serious infection called Mycobacterium Avium Complex-MAC.

Side-effects of Trecator-SC

Using trecator-sc can give rise to many side-effects that may require medical attention. Some may not require any at all. Gradually when the body starts getting used to the drug, the side-effects may disappear. Some of these side-effects are mentioned below:

Trecator-SC is a type of medication that is used for treating tuberculosis

Contraindications of Trecator-SC

There are certain conditions when trecator-sc must not be prescribed to the patient. Some of these medical conditions are mentioned below:

Trecator-SC and pregnancy

The FDA had assigned this antibiotic drug to the pregnancy Category C. There has been evidences of teratogenicity among animal when given high doses of ethionamide. In a study, seven cases reported birth defects. There has been no controlled study of human pregnancy. The manufacturer clearly mentions that this medicine is not for patients who are pregnant. The guidelines issued by Centres of Disease Control, Infectious Diseases Society of America, and American Thoracic Society state that pregnant women should avoid this drug.

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