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Antibiotic Furoxone (furazolidone)

Furoxone, the generic name of which is furazolidone, is a synthetic antimicrobial nitrofuran. It is a broad- spectrum antibiotic which works against many gram- positive and gram- negative bacteria. It is active against many gastrointestinal tract pathogens like E. coli, Salmonella, Staphylococcus, Shigella, Aerobacter aerogenes, Proteus, Vibrio cholera as well as Giardia lamblia. The best thing about this drug is that it has very less side- effects.

Furoxone (furazolidone) tablets

Uses of Furoxone

Furoxone is indicated as a symptomatic treatment of bacterial as well as protozoal diarrhea and enteritis.

Side- effects of Furoxone

Side- effects are very rare with Furoxone. And if they occur, they are very mild and correct as soon as the use of tablet is discontinued. The potential side- effects are:

One thing to note about Furoxone (furazolidone) is that it may lead to mild reversible intravascular hemolysis. But, this condition occurs only in Negroes, people of Mediterranean and Near- Eastern origin .

Furoxone is a synthetic antimicrobial Nitrofuran

Contraindications of Furoxone

Furoxone is contraindicated in many situations and conditions. It must not be given to:

Pregnancy and Furoxone

There has not been any study or evidence of any sort of effect of Furoxone on the women who are in their child- bearing age. The effect of this drug on pregnancy and unborn infant is still not known. There is no evidence of any teratogenicity or any side- effect on the fetus or the baby. But, to be on a safer side, you must consult your doctor and discuss the potential side- effects of this drug on the baby. Tell your doctor if you are already pregnant or are deciding to become mother during the course of treatment.

If you are a feeding mother, you must tell this to your doctor. It is not if this drug passes into the breast milk and affect the newborn child.

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