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Antibiotic Dexone (dexamethasone)

Dexone is a medication that helps in the treatment of conditions that reduce the function of the adrenal glands. The generic name of Dexone is dexamethasone. It prevents the tissues from responding to swelling or inflammation. Dexone tablets are corticosteroids. This drug helps in altering the response of the body towards certain immune stimulation.

This medication is useful in treating inflammation, severe allergies and asthma and many eye and skin related conditions. It can even be prescribed for other conditions that are not mentioned in this medication guide.

Dexone (dexamethasone) tablets

Composition of Dexone

The key ingredient of dexone is dexamethasone. It is an adrenocortical steroid. It is a synthetic in nature. The inactive ingredients in the tablets are:

The inactive ingredients in the oral suspension are:

Uses of Dexone

Dexone is used for the treatment of various conditions like hormone/blood/immune system disorders, arthritis, some eye and skin conditions, certain bowel disorders, breathing problems, allergic reactions and some types of cancers. It is even used as a test for a type of adrenal gland disorder (Cusing’s syndrome). This corticosteroid hormone decreases the body’s natural form of defensive response which further lessens allergic reactions and swellings.

Side-effects of Dexone

There are many side-effects associated with the use of dexone which may require medical attention. Some of these are mentioned below:

This medication is useful in treating inflammation

Contraindications of Dexone

Under certain conditions, the patient should not be allowed to take dexone. They are:

Dexone and pregnancy

FDA has assigned dexone to the Pregnancy Category C. Dexone is only recommended at the time of pregnancy when there aren’t any alternatives available and the benefits are greater than the risks.

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