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Antibiotic Seromycin (cycloserine)

Seromycin a well-known antibiotic is given with other medicines to patients suffering from tuberculosis. Certain bacterial infections of the urinary tract can also be treated by seromycin. It is prescribed by doctors to patients who are resistant to other medications or are intolerant to them. The generic is cycloserine and the brand name of this drug is seromycin. Seromycin helps by fighting against the bacteria.

Seromycin (cycloserine) capsules

Composition of Seromycin

Cycloserine is the main ingredient of seromycin. The other ingredients are:

Uses of Seromycin

Seromycin is mainly used for the treatment of tuberculosis along with the aid of other medicines. Urinary tract infections are also treated by this medicine. When primary medications like ethambutol, streptomycin, rifampin, and isoniazid are ineffective in providing help, seromycin is used for treating active pulmonary and extra pulmonary tuberculosis. Seromycin works by preventing the growth of bacteria in the body.

This antibiotic drug is only used for treating bacterial infections. It doesn’t cure viral infections (like common cold and flu). Misuse and unnecessary usage of this drug can reduce its effectiveness.

Side-effects of Seromycin

Many side-effects are associated with the use of seromycin that may require medical attention. Some may not require any. With time the body gets used to the drug and the side-effects gradually reduce or disappear.

Some of the common side-effects are mentioned below:

The less common side-effects are:

Seromycin a well-known antibiotic is given with other medicines to patients suffering from tuberculosis

Contraindications of Seromycin

There are certain conditions where the patient must not be prescribed seromycin as it may have adverse effects on their health rather than treating them. Some of these conditions are:

In case of CNS toxicity or allergic dermatitis, the dosage of seromycin should be immediately discontinued. Chronic alcoholics are always at risk of convulsions.

Seromycin and pregnancy

The effects are not completely known in case the patient is pregnant. New-born babies may be harmed if the breastfeeding mother is on seromycin. Hence, it is very important for the doctor to know if the patient is pregnant or plans on becoming pregnant. Seromycin should be prescribed to the patient only when there are no better alternatives and the benefits are far more than the risks that may occur during the time of pregnancy.

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