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Antibiotic Sumycin (tetracycline)

Sumycin is a type of medication that is used for the treatment of bacterial infections. It slows the growth rate of the disease causing bacteria by reducing their production of the proteins that elicit their growth in the body. It is also called a tetracycline antibiotic. The body’s defense mechanisms destroy these bacteria when their growth rate is minimal.

Sumycin (tetracycline) capsules

Composition of Sumycin

The antibiotic present in the oral tablets is tetracycline. The inactive ingredients in the tablets are:

The ingredients in 250 mg tablets are hydroxypropyl cellulose, methylene chloride, and triacetin in addition. The 500 mg sumycin tablets have methyparaben, sodium citrate, polyparaben, potassium sorbate, propylparaben, polyethylene glycol, and xanthan gum.

Uses of Sumycin

Sumycin is used for treating different types of infections, including acne. The drug works by inhibiting the bacterial growth. Thus they are used to treat bacterial infections. It doesn’t work for viral infections. The efficiency of the drug decreases from overuse or misuse.

Certain stomach ulcers can be treated by consuming sumycin along with some anti-ulcer medications.

Side-effects of Sumycin

There are many side-effects associated with the use of sumycin that may require medical attention. Some of these side-effects are:

As a side-effect is has been seen that the pressure inside the skull (intracranial hypertension-IH) had increased, though not very often. Sometimes continuous use might give way to new yeast infection. As its benefits are observed to be much greater than its side-effects, many doctors prescribe sumycin. Severe side-effects are mostly not experienced by the patients.

Sumycin is a type of medication that is used for the treatment of bacterial infections

Contraindications of Sumycin

This medicine should not be prescribed to patients who are hyper-sensitive to any of the tetracyclines. Any of the following conditions are unsafe:

Pregnancy and Sumycin

Sumycin should not be prescribed to a patient during pregnancy due to its harmful effects on the unborn child. The patient should always consult the doctor whenever she plans on becoming pregnant. Sumycin might appear in the milk during breastfeeding. Therefore it is advised that the mother should not consume the drug when she is breastfeeding. The foetus is harmed by Tetracycline antibiotics. If the patient becomes pregnant, or she consumes it during pregnancy, the main hazards should be thoroughly explained by the doctor. During the time of tooth development the use of the drugs belonging to the tetracycline class might result in the discolouration of the teeth permanently. Normally this period is the last half of the pregnancy.

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