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What's So Special about Yeast Infection in Men?

A man's body is different from a woman's, and the candida fungus is harder to detect in men than in women. Compared to women, yeast infection in men rarely shows any palpable symptoms, so they are often unaware that there is the fungus taking up residence in their bodies. Sadly, very often, it is not before they are confronted with more serious yeast-related health problems than the infection itself that they find out they are infected.

Commonly, men learn about the infection from their loved ones already having it and this is when they realize they are likely to have it too. In such cases, doctors usually recommend anti-fungal remedies and insist on a course of treatment for the man, because chances are he may infect his significant other repeatedly. Yeast infection in men may have even more serious consequences than in women.

This is absolutely real and, chances are she has a vaginal infection. In this case, the infection is transmitted to his urethra, and then it goes further down the urethral canal and eventually obliterates the prostate gland.

Things may seem to be all right for years, but every male is exposed to prostate problems and even prostate cancer, and there is hardly a man who has never experienced prostate dysfunction. It should be noted that young boys and girls do not usually have yeast infections. Therefore, it is obvious that sex does have something to do with yeast infection in men.

We take yeast every day, because it is contained in bread and beer. Ironically, there is a connection between yeast infection in men and their love of yeast-rich beer. How come it can pose so many problems?

Many beer-loving men have been diagnosed with yeast, as it often affects the skin on their penis. The outside temperature of the skin is about 77 degrees, and it keeps the fungus in a dormant state. They become active in the vaginal canal in women, which is a sheer paradise for them. It takes time for the infection to surface, so the man can get it right back from the woman and have it dwelling in the prostate. This is exactly when the clock on that time bomb starts ticking.

Sometimes, it is possible to diagnose yeast infection in men through dry and cracked skin on the penis. This can be extremely troublesome during erection. In fact, yeast infection can affect almost any region of the body.

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