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How Does Yeast Infection Affect Men?

Yeast infection in men is triggered by the same factors as any other infection, and it is just as well sexually transmitted. In a case whereby the normal bacterial balance in your digestive system is broken, yeast fungus meets less resistance from your microflora and expands in your body, affecting new areas.

Most commonly, yeast infection in men is provoked and aggravated by antibiotics, excessive intake of alcohol and beer, wheat and corn products, barley and peanut. Men with low immunity are more likely to go down with yeast infection. Antibiotics, as well as many other substances contained in some products, kill the natural microflora and thus undermine our immune system.

Most meals we consume, even those we think are absolutely fresh, are contaminated with fungi and molds. The molds and fungi get inside our bodies via digestive tract and then they spread around the body and cause outbreaks. This is one of the main causes of yeast infection in men. You can read more on the influences of molds and fungi on man's body in the following paragraphs.

Dr. Fleming discovered Penicillin in 1928, and he experimented a lot with bread mold. He put a bit of mold into an environment filled with bacteria. Eventually, the scientist discovered that the mold literally exterminated the bacteria. Just as the fungus wiped out the bacteria around itself, it does so in our intestinal tract every time we take antibiotics.

Now try to recall how many colds you've had in your life and how many times you had to take antibiotics. Maybe you did eventually deal with the symptoms of cold and that made you think everything was all right. But have you ever imagined how much harm those antibiotic treatments have done to your natural microflora? Maybe, it didn't kill all bacteria, since there are about 70 trillion good microorganisms working around the clock to trap and kill dangerous microbes that at times enter our bodies. At the same time, you have killed the bacteria that could otherwise have warded off yeast infection. Another glass of beer - another large group of beneficial bacteria killed. This is why yeast infection in men often thrives due to large intake of beer. Every time you eat moldy food, you kill more bacteria. Sugar-rich foods also contribute to the infection. Just one more reason why yeast infection in men has become so widely spread. As a result, the fungus builds a stronghold inside your body and every now and then perpetrates attacks. It gets through the walls of the intestines and spreads all around the body. Yeast has been known to obliterate man's heart and cause heart failures and even cessation of heartbeat!

At the rate you are going, you will soon reach the point when your immune system will no longer be able to cope with new portions of molds and fungi in your body. This is when yeast infection in men becomes fully fledged and serious symptoms begin to occur.

Common Symptoms of Yeast Infection

Here you can read about symptoms that are most common to yeast infection in men. Click on the Symptom Page ling on the left to read about other symptoms.

Indigestion is a common occurrence in men and boys, and its numerous symptoms can be indicative of the presence of yeast infection in men's body.

Yeast infection in men is observable through regular constipation, diarrhea, gassiness, bloat, bad breath, sexual dysfunctions, unpredictable mood swings, exhaustion, fatigue, poor memory, jock itch, dry skin, athletes feet, urinary tract problems and prostate disorders.

As the fungus demands to be fed, men often develop excessive liking for sweets, chips and other yeast-containing products. In most cases, men do actually feed the infection until they realize they are feeding the parasite and take action against it.

Yeast Infection in Men Can Be Diagnosed at Home

If you would like to know if you have yeast, you can perform a simple test. Put a glass of water on your nightstand before turning in. When you wake up in the morning, before you jump off your bed, spit twice into the glass of water and wait for 15 minutes. If you do not see any signs of the spit, because it has dissolved, then you do not have it.

If the water gets turbid and there are threads sinking to the bottom or arranging in a spiderweb-like pattern, odds are you are infected. Sediment at the bottom can be indicative of parasites, and this will require immediate treatment. This will be quite evident, so you won't have any doubts whether or not you have it. Usually, 5 minutes is enough time to make a diagnose.

Yeast Infection in Men Often Affects the Penis and Adjacent Areas

I have given a complete page-long description of penile yeast infection in men and I hope I have answered all your questions in a consecutive and comprehensive way. If you believe I have skipped something, please, feel free to get in touch with me and express your suggestions, using the contact page of this website.

Intestinal or systemic yeast infection in men requires the same ways of treatment as any other fungal infection.

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