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Antibiotics - Aid For Acne

Acne are the source of bacterial infection therefore whenever we go to a doctor, mostly doctors prescribe antibiotics. Antibiotics are the main drug used in treating bacterial infection. The era we have entered is a picture perfect era. Nobody wants a pimple to scar their skin. Every where people want perfect scar or pimple free skin. Therefore in view of this, a way to get a perfect regime for the treatment of acne has been established with some details about what drugs should be used.

Mechanism of Antibiotic

Antibiotic starts working by killing the bacteria. They will find all the bacteria and will flush them out. Bacteria are responsible for acne popping out. When all the bacteria have been cleared off, the number of acne will reduce gradually.

The next step would be to clear the blocked pores. The pores get blocked by some dirt or dead skin. It clears the dirt and dead skin and breakes off the chain reaction of pimple popping out.

The next step is decreasing the production of histamine in the blood stream. Histamine is a result of immune sequence heading to inflammation.

Everyone must have heard the role of hormones in acne production. It’s true that hormonal imbalance produces extra sebum in the oil glands that secretes the sebum and acne breaks out. Antibiotics dictate the secretion of hormones and therefore it is very essential.

Types of Antibiotic Use

First type is oral. Antibiotics are taken orally and usually preferable by many as it has less guidelines compared to topical. Tetracycline is the most used drug for acne. The proper guideline that should be followed while taking an oral medicine is that you should never take the acne medicines while full stomach, always on empty stomach. As it has been seen that food mixed with drugs usually does not work properly. Another drug for acne is minocycline, if either tetracycline or minocycline doesn’t work then you can take doxycycline which will be work.

After-Effects of Oral:

Topical type is a form consisting gel, foam, liquid and creams. They are mainly applied on the affected area after thoroughly washing the skin and then applying in a light manner. Erythromycin and clindamycin are two very powerful topical drugs used for acne.

After-Effects of Topical:

Want To Know If You Can Use Antibiotics For Acne Or Not?

Anybody can use antibiotics for acne but what is important before taking the drugs is consulting a doctor. Do not take any drugs without taking advice from a doctor. Sometimes it can be harmful for the patient like in cases of pregnancy, and genetic diseases and weak immunity.

There are no shortcuts to getting a clear, smooth skin. Sometimes antibiotic works sometimes don’t. Be patient and see results.

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