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Ampicillin sodium

This medicine is used to fight bacterial infections. It prevents the growth of bacteria and also kills them. It is a type of penicillin and is available in different dosage forms such as tablet, capsule, suspension, chewable tablet, syrup etc.

Composition of Ampicillin sodium:

This medicine contains the active component ampicillin sodium. The molecular weight of this component is 371.4 g/Mol. It is a white hygroscopic crystalline powder and is freely soluble in water.

Uses of Ampicillin sodium:

The medicine is mostly used to treat bacterial infections such as chlamydia, Lyme disease, typhoid fever, Helicobacter gastritis, and Leptospirosis. It does not work for viral infections.

Side-Effects of Ampicillin sodium:

Every medicine apart from its required effects have certain side effects as well. Some patients may have minor to no side effects after using this medicine. If you have the below side effects then get medical help immediately.

Contraindications of Ampicillin sodium:

Before you start using this medicine, make sure that you discuss with your doctor. Do not use this medicine as over the counter medicine. If you are allergic to this medicine or to any inactive ingredient of the medicine, then inform the doctor so that they can prescribe you another medicine. The chances of interactions with other medications are high, hence make sure that you share all the prescription, non-prescription or herbal supplements that you are using. In some cases the doctor might even change the dose of the medicine. It is advised not to use this medicine along with alcohol. The patient should stop using alcohol or tobacco while using this medicine. The chances of interactions are very high. Apart from this, if you have a history of allergy, asthma, bleeding problems, congestive heart failure, high blood pressure, kidney disease, cystic fibrosis or stomach diseases, then share the same with the doctor. In case you are facing severe diarrhea, stop using the medicine. Do not take any counter medicine without consulting the doctor. Most of the oral contraceptive pills may not work properly. Check with your physician for different or additional birth control options to prevent pregnancy. In case of diabetic patients, this drug may cause wrong test reports of urine sugar. It is important that you check with your physician before changing the dosage of the medicine or the diet. For other medical tests as well it is important you let the doctor know so that they can advise accordingly.

Pregnancy and Ampicillin sodium:

If you are pregnant consult a doctor immediately. As per the studies the medicine is not known to harm the fetus, however, it can pass into the breast milk and affect the nursing child.

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